Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises

Together we can bring innovation to the next level!


Founding drivers


Safeguarding and promotion of research and innovation enterprises common interests, along legal, financial, social and ethical perspectives.  

Cooperation with Cyprus Government and other public and non-governmental organisations, aiming at the dissemination, development and promotion of scientific and technological research and innovation in Cyprus enterprises.  

Cooperation with governmental organisations responsible for the design of the Research and Innovation National Strategy and its promotion to enterprises in favor of increasing their competitiveness. 

Design and support of research and innovation promotion programmes, targeting enterprises as beneficiaries, and focusing on their needs for competitiveness increase in the local and international market.

Key Objectives


 Intensify the research and innovation activities in enterprises 

 Regulatory and financial support from responsible stakeholders/organisations   

Development of research and innovation infrastructure in enterprises  


Increase of high-profile job positions for research and innovation in enterprises  


Promotion of collaborations for technology transfer  



CARIE members demonstrate internationally recognized innovative research and development results 

  • Development of significant research infrastructure

  • Employment of high-profile research staff

  • Active involvement in Research Programs worldwide

  • Representation of Cyprus in international committees

  • Registration of patents and trade marks

  • Publication of research and innovation results in scientific journals and high-quality conferences

  • Collaborations with the most important EU stakeholders in research and innovation

  •  Offering Cyprus-based technology for further development and exploitation 

  • Collaborations for the establishment of high-tech spin-off companies